HTML Email Signature

Build your modern responsive signature. This works great on Mobile, it’s always high quality and renders nicely.

Select signature layout


This is the separator line between the logo & the text

Logo placement

Select where you want the logo to be located within the layout

Confidential Information

Long text at the bottom regarding confidentiality

Highlight Color

Choose the Highlight color for the signature. This depends on the layout and has to be from your brand guidelines

Image URL

Paste de URL of the image you want to use. For security reasons you cannot use SVG, always use PNG. You can use this service for free

Please paste the link to the image file. Should end in .png


The name of the person that will appear on the Signature.

Job Title

The Job Title or the organizational position in the company.

Contact Information

Phone number, Website, Skype account (?) whatever

Extra Information

This field appears after the Phone Number, Sepparated by a small vertical sepparator