The Projectionist Poster


It all started with a cry of help and a Brief.  I was asked to take one last shot to the poster, before the movie premier. There was a big search for a Illustrator/Designer to create the poster, posted on local media, but nobody could raise up to the strict requirements of the director.

So i started how i start all my illustrations, making thumb sketches with different options for the requirements. One was chosen as a starting point for what would become a long but good design process.

Be sure to check out the movie trailer.

The Projectionist Poster


The client had clear ideas about the mood, the style of the design, and the color palette to be used. The design had to match the style and the general feel of the main character from the movie.


The initial sketch was done with a ball-point on paper, then transferred to Photoshop to make it easier to set-up the image composition, the proportions, exact angle and other possible elements.

The client provided a somewhat strict color palette which matched perfectly with the style of the illustration, and after most of the coloring and basic shading has been done it was transferred to Illustrator to create is a vector.

The final touches were provided by the client such as the movie title and the credits, including the font, style and placement.

The movie got featured at TIFF16.

The Projectionist Poster
The Projectionist Poster