The second version

Adamo Telecom

Project Scope

Adamo Second version web

My Role

UX Specialist

Adamo 2020

After being purchased by a german equity group, there was a company wide restructuring and focus on improving the Adamo antiquated brand image

New Values and core priciples adopted were to guide the new user experience focusing on the closeness with the customers, being the only company that provides Fiber to rural areas.


& Responsabilities


  • Facilitate & support the marketing team in aligning on the experience
  • Design the new user experience with Marketing reps & Project manager
  • Coordinate with the development agency to ensure quality standards are met
  • Create and maintain a Design System – Design OPS
  • Provide UX design support to the B2B department

My Work


Collaborate with the branding agency to conduct a competition analysis and identify key experiences and features that we could incorporate to enhance our brand.

Create the main customer journeys, flows, and a comprehensive information architecture map, as well as navigation flows and other design artifacts to support the UX process and brief the agency effectively.


Collaborated with marketing team representatives and the design agency to ensure alignment on the final experience for each flow. This involved using Trello boards, Excel documentation, and presentation meetings, as well as participating in code proof-of-concepts.

Also provided support with additional designs, including HTML responsive email signatures and animated backgrounds.

I developed a highly structured Figma document from scratch, enabling me to create detailed documentation and grant access to all team members. With this, the development team was able to access a well-organized Zeplin document.

Additionally, I provided comprehensive structuring to the user experience of the B2B department by creating user flows, IA maps, wireframes, and meticulously organizing their components within Figma.

All components have been documented, either in the project’s documentation or in PDF files that I’ve created.


Over a period of three years, I provided extensive support to analyze and enhance the customer experience for the company, which resulted in significant achievements. Notably, the company experienced remarkable success in terms of market share, and its equity group was able to sell it for almost double the original price to a new owner.

Succesfull launch of the new Web

Increased the daily online sales

Positive customer feedback

Succesfully externalized all UX research & Design