Exquisitive, a startup based in the UK, envisioned launching a new type of interactive mixed reality educational games on app stores.

To achieve this, they assembled a team of native mobile developers and brought on board an experienced game designer. I joined the team to assist with product design and help turn their vision into reality.

Product Scope

Launch a mobile native game

My Role

Product Design

Design the player experience


1. Product Research

I collaborated closely with leadership and game designers to analyze market trends and explore multiple concepts for the game.

This influenced key aspects of the player experience, such as navigation, engagement, and activities.

2. Product Concept

During this phase, I also helped define the target audience by identifying their expectations and desired features.

To support these efforts, I produced various artifacts including customer journey maps and IA maps.


3. Wireframes and UI Concepts

Additionally, I designed numerous wireframes that were extensively used in concept and flow testing, as well as in helping the development team design the technical infrastructure.

This allowed us to create over 7 diverse and independent challenge screens that can be used to modularize gameplay


As a result of these efforts

we identified a working model that met all business needs while minimizing user errors. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from focus groups during testing, further validating the success of our player experience design.

Visual Design

I was responsible for creating an attractive UI design for the game and managing a team of designers on a weekly basis. I provided guidance and support in design operations, such as arranging files and ensuring that standards were met for the development team.



Working closely with a talented illustrator, we defined the visual style and created a complete design system that allowed for components to be created dynamically while maintaining the game’s visual style. In addition, I created the brand book, a component guidelines document to support Zeplin documentation, as well as the website and other marketing materials.



The game was successfully launched on app stores with a complete digital footprint, including web, social media, and the app store.


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