The Brain is Wider than the Sky

A Logo Story

This is a story of a personal logo with very big ambitions which will eventually become a successful business in the current happening Paradigm Shift. This is the story of those first steps taken.

I was approached to create a professional logo for a Sport Psychologist. The design sessions lasted an average of 4 hours spanned across two weeks in time. It all started with defining where it will be used and what is the message that should be sent with the design.

The idea was to bring together the mind, the sport, and the technique used to be reflected in the design, and have branding applied from different Sport Academies around the world.

The BZS Brain

First steps

The design process started with a couple of hand sketches to define the shape and find the design language we wanted. We decided that since we wanted to show the brain stem , the best would be a side view of the brain. Further exploration has been done to define what visual elements should be done on the brainstem and into the brain.

The Brain

The Logo was designed inĀ Adobe Illustrator and it required several revisions to take it’s final shape, which consists in a well defined brain silhouette, the brain stem going up into the brain to form the soccer pattern, And as well to contain the 5 branches of the psychological method applied.

The reward of a thing well done is having done it