The Yin and the Yang, Hell and Heaven, day and night, good and bad. The notion of duality exists everywhere in order  a system to be balanced, from the ancient eastern teachings, to the binary system and the Jekyll and Hyde inside of each and everyone of us. Observing and being aware of this ever present duality will allow us to understand how the world works, others and last but not least, ourselves.

Owl Love

Love and Divine inspiration

The great Vedas define these two concepts, divinity and love as the same thing. The divine inspiration, the great awe, the connections happening, and a great deal of divine interventions can be assigned or tied with the concept of Love. These when combined or discovered, create a deep meaningful and wider perspective of the things around, making colors pop and ideas shine…

Owl Love

The Arts

The art is a collaboration between the Gods and the artist. The artist merely reflects what is not seen, what cannot be touched, combining ideas, concepts and adding feelings to best represent the unseen. Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.

Owl Love