A Startup Growth Story

Kanzen Design

Project Scope

Support early startup phase

Project Duration

2019 – Present

About Kanzen

Kanzen is a company that specializes in creating top-quality PowerPoint presentations for clients, with an emphasis on fast turnaround times.

I first encountered Kanzen during its early months when it had just two part-time designers and was operating from an email address.

The CEO of Kanzen approached me to provide assistance with enhancing the startup’s customer and internal designer experience by improving some minor aspects.

My Areas of Responsibility

Since I didn’t have a specific role, my tasks varied based on the amount of work and input I contributed.

The freedom to choose the areas where I could provide the most value allowed for a wide range of responsibilities.

Kanzen Brand

Create and structure the design artifacts

My Approach

Since kanzen had just a medium resolution pixel version of the logo, i have created a Minimum Viable Brand, and a brandbook containing Responsive Logos, Company Font, Visual Design elements, Color guidelines, Email signatures and newsletter designs





Having the brand image structured allowed Kanzen to position as a more mature startup thus increasing monthly customer leads acquisition & Sales.


Kanzen Web

Define, Design & Implement



As always, throughout the development process, I followed a strategic and iterative approach to ensure the best possible outcome for the company’s online presence.

Initial Steps

To kickstart the project, I began by thoroughly defining the project scope and understanding the company’s requirements. Once the hosting and domain were sorted out, I proceeded with the first implementation, which involved creating an engaging Coming Soon page to build anticipation.



Iterative Development:

In the second phase, I aimed to demonstrate my web development skills. I took on the responsibility of designing, developing, and implementing the second iteration of the website.

This version included additional content about the company and a dedicated portfolio section, showcasing their work and achievements.


Advancing Functionality:

To further enhance the website’s capabilities, I decided to collaborate with external developers for the third implementation.

By leveraging WordPress, we were able to create a more advanced and feature-rich website. This current version represents the culmination of our efforts and is available online for you to explore.



Branding Support and Visual Design Services


My primary objective was to assist customers who lacked comprehensive company branding and the necessary materials for their PowerPoint presentations.

Process Overview:

To address this challenge, I implemented the following processes to ensure effective support:


Consulting & Sales:

I engaged in in-depth discussions with customers to understand their specific needs and requirements. By leveraging my expertise in branding, I provided valuable guidance to help them define their branding goals and objectives.

Design & Implementation:

I created a range of essential elements that form the foundation of a strong brand identity. These elements included logos, color schemes, typography, and other visual assets. I compiled these elements into a comprehensive archive, accompanied by a brandbook outlining guidelines on their usage. Additionally, I assisted customers by implementing the designs on their websites, social media platforms, and other relevant channels.


Developed and expanded the Branding Department


I successfully led branding projects, which opened doors for expanding the business and growing our branding department.





Kanzen Branding is now a fully functioning department, generating significant revenue. We’re on track for further growth and plan to hir more full-time employees.


If you want to learn more about kanzen and what we do:

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