Prep Positions

Reinforce the use of prepositions



The goal of PrepPositions is to design an fun and engagin way for school-aged children, teachers or English language learners to practice and master the use of prepositions within speech.

Almost 30%  of writing consists of prepositional phrases and sometimes it is confusing using and learning more than 50 common prepositions we use in speaking and writing. Prep Position helps reinforce those skills learned in the classroom to create grammatically correct sentences.

The theme


Client’s idea was to have a Circus / Carnival theme for the app to ensure a high  rate of interest for the young audience.

The color scheme i came up with provides 4 base colors to ensure consistency and easy to recognize elements within the app.









Logo & Icon


The Elephant Logo, which is present in the app logo and the app icon and through various places within the UI of the iPad app, was designed to fit with the theme and provide an easily recognizable character.


Ui Design

The Ui elements were all made in style with the company product UI patterns.  Custom hand-crafted toggle buttons, radio buttons, player photo cards,  dialog boxes,  and the complex Player report card area used by the teacher or therapist to monitor progress.



Game design


Having professional experience in mobile game design, i have designed reward type that should be easy to develop ( as the company is not a Game Studio) and still to be fun and enjoyable by the wide range of target audiences.

The idea was to create a game that will be score-based and should require a certain amount of skill and knowledge and added elements of luck to keep the engaging factor up.

The circus canon launches balls which are received as rewards for getting correct answers in the Tasks. The tilt(angle) of the canon is set by the user, and the power bar goes random. When the ball is shot, it has to reach the farthest distance, by setting the right angle and power and having luck of hitting a trampoline to boost that distance. Watch out for the crates or the water pools as they will stop you.


Smarty Ears

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