The Client

A fresh new company, founded by young entrepreneurs, engineers by heart, looking to provide an extra tool that aims to be the next tool in any SEO professional toolbelt, targeting a mainly B2B market but also providing packages directly for consumers.

The company was founded as an initiative to provide a headstart in an exponentially evolving internet marketing and promotion services, and to allow for a head start for small and medium businesses without creating massive overheads and make it cost effective.



Brand Identity



We wanted to look for clean, highly contrasting and modern colors to fit with the current visual trends and define and establish TrafficTarget as a modern, fresh and young-driven company, fit for the millennial target audience, which is steering away from established brands from the niche.


Logo Design

There were a lot of explorations regarding the logo and what it should convey, We wanted to show that it’s traigh to the point, powerful, easily to read on all sizes and mediumes.

The logo was needed to show well on different media that it is going to be used and used heavily on marketing ads which are usually full of visual information, so it was clear that a universal design was needed, which will maintain shape no matter the medium being applied. 



Experience Design

There was clear indication that the customer experience had to be as seamless as possible, moving the user from information about the service, possibilities, a quick way to access the Service list and the Contact form to get straight assistance regarding any issues or questions.

The area for the logged in members, contains important information such as packages active, The date, time and visits left, the targeted website and targeted keywords thus allowing the users to quickly manage the purchased packages and act accordingly to the marketin and SEO strategy. 

The wireframes created helped in defining the content strategy and were done keeping in mind on-page SEO as an ease of development benefit. 


UI design


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